Unrealized Portfolio

CJ Hello Co., Ltd.

CJ Hello Co., Ltd. is the largest cable television company in South Korea, with approximately 3.2 million subscribers.

Excel Financial Services Co., Ltd.

Excel Financial Services is a "general agent" seller of insurance products in South Korea with over 700 financial consultants across the country.

Glotec Co., Ltd.

Glotec Co., based in South Korea, manufactures QLED prism film sheets used for backlight display panels in televisions, monitors, and automotive dashboard configurations.

Lida Holdings Limited

Lida holdings limited is a leading air compressor producer and distributor in Fujian Province in Southern China.

Office Depot Korea Co., Ltd.

Office DEPOT is the leading office supply retailer in South Korea with 20 directly owned outlets and over 110 franchise stores throughout the nation.

Quanzhou Jinhua Edible Oil Co., Ltd.

Quanzhou Jinhua Edible Oil Co., Ltd. is a leading packaged edible oil producer and distributor in Fujian Province in Southern China.

SAMG Animation Co., Ltd.

SAMG is one of Korea’s leading independent animation studios

ST Unitas Co., Ltd.

ST Unitas is a leading Korean online/offline education service platform company for preparing all kinds of exams in Korea including English language tests, civil servant exams, and college entrance exams.

Sunjin Control and Access Co., Ltd.

Sunjin Control is the leading control and access system integration service provider for intelligent buildings and automated factories in South Korea.

Tekcom Corporation Co., Ltd.

Tekcom Corporation is a leading Vietnamese manufacturer and distributor of wood products for concrete forming, flooring and furnitures.

Zheng Feng CNC Technology Co., Ltd.

Zheng Feng CNC Technology is a leading manufacturer of computer numerical control machine tool products in Southern China.