The Year of the Dog

Through dedicated effort, integrity and fairness, investors who undertook projects in the 2017 Rooster Year will enjoy success and satisfaction in this Year of the Dog.  The Dog is innately hard-working, faithful and honest, and abundant wealth creation will be the just reward for those who stay true to the canine character. 

Earth's strong influence will inspire the stability of mountains and, with Fire and Metal as secondary influences, creative energy will permeate all business activity.  This Earth Dog year will present a good time to launch new ventures, with clear goals and sticking to principles.  Real estate, agriculture and environmental businesses should excel on the back of the Dog, while racier industries such as spirits and casinos may spend some time in the dog house.

Past years of the Dog have fostered responsible contributions to world chivalry, demonstrating a sense of justice and a willingness to put ego aside for the greater good.  Perseverance, creative thinking and dedication brought about the establishment of both the International Monetary Fund and UNICEF in 1946, and underpinned the signing of the NAFTA agreement in 1994. Dog years also shepherded the re-establishment of China's diplomatic relations with the West, with Canada first in 1970, and also heralded the lifting of the US trade embargo on Vietnam in 1994 under the Clinton Administration.

Zhou Enlai (1898), one of China's most skilled and able diplomats and a strong advocate of peaceful coexistence with the West, was born in the Year of the Dog. George W. Bush and Bill Clinton (1946) were also born in Dog years, and the current US President (1946) is also a Dog. Artistically, Madonna (1958), Mariah Carey (1970), Lang Lang (1982) and Justin Bieber (1994) were all born in Dog years, as was Michael Jackson (1958) whose howling-success, Thriller (1982), was inspired by the hound. 

The Dog has a lot to offer -- intelligent, ethical, idealistic, strong and determined -- so it should be a good year to run with dogs.  As Korean wisdom would have it, earn and work like a dog and then spend with the discipline and honour of a noble man.  For those who stray from this path, and are threatened by their misdeeds, even the watchdogs won't bark.


The observations set forth above represent the distilled thoughts of a number of Chinese feng shui commentators, and do not constitute investment criteria for the professionals at Excelsior Capital Asia!